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WVP.004 - Adam Weeks: Rethinking Education

WVP.004 - Adam Weeks: Rethinking Education

Our 21st century education system is still largely unchanged from its 19th century roots. Students are moved along an assembly line of learning with very little regard for their strengths or capacity. If a student isn’t at a certain level by a certain age they are considered to be less capable or intelligent then they should be. In a world where todays students are preparing for jobs that haven’t even been dreamt up yet maybe it is time to begin evolving our educational system to create a true 21st century model of learning. Lake City Academy in Coeur d’Alene, ID is taking on that challenge by challenging the status quo and rethinking what a small private school is capable of in our modern economy. Principal Adam Weeks is leading the school to embrace all the good that technology offers for the education of todays learners and is reshaping the future of LCA. As LCA prepares to build a new school wing they are also partnering with Upper Columbia Academy to expand to offer high school. In this episode you’ll hear about how LCA and UCA are working together to ensure that Adventist Education in the Pacific Northwest is ready for the future!


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